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About Hi-Tech Security Service & Facility Management

We would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce our company Hitech Security Service, so that you may consider adding us to your list of approved service providers. Our former organisaon was named as KDS Security and we are into this field from the last 43 years. The step behind changing the name of former company was that we wanted to enter into the facility management industry.

Hitech Security Service specialise in the provision of manned guarding services to clients in both public and private sectors including Retail Jewelleries, Shopping Centres, Schools, Construcon, Hospitals and Office Buildings.

The company corporate office is based in Mumbai; we can run healthier cost effecve operaons and our experts and management available to reduce response me to any locaon in Maharashtra.

All client assignments are reviewed periodically by our Contracts Managers, service delivery and on-site performance is assessed and clients are encouraged to complete sasfacon surveys and provide regular feedback.

At Hitech Security Service we understand that when considering your security requirements it is not only the quality and reliability of the services you receive that is important, but also the cost of those services. Our charge rates therefore are very compeve and will always reflect site surveys and risk assessments to ensure they are as closely matched to your requirements as possible.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to be a leading supplier of quality manned guarding services delivering outstanding services and added value to our customers.

Our Main Objecves

  • To further develop our porolio of successful services to meet any new security needs of our exisng customers, as well as being more aracve for new potenal customers from our current and any new markets.
  • Our team of employees is our major asset in any such achievement. We must movate, create and preserve a culture of constant learning, innovaon and connual improvements within the company as well as exemplary leadership.
  • The achievement and preservaon of job sasfacon for all the company's employees.
  • Offer a cost effecve services and allowing For reasonable profit that is necessary in achieving our goals ensuring the long term quality of service and allowing For connuity strategy when necessary.

Our Values

Quality: We are dedicated to delivering service excellence, a philosophy that runs through our organisaon from our Company Management to all of our security officers.

Honesty: At Hitech Security Service we pride ourselves on our integrity, reliability and dedication.

Respect: Our inner corporate relaon between employees and management and our relaon with the public and customer are based on trust and integrity. In order to achieve this trust we use an approach of mutual respect.

Teamwork: To achieve our objecves and overall mission it is essenal for us to have a strong spirit of teamwork. To aain this strength we recruit employees who are team players and create platform.